Back in mid-March of this year, no one could have predicted the lasting impact of the Covid-19 virus on families, schools and businesses. While the path back to "normal" is something we all continue to hope for, there remain no clear answers, timelines or forecasts as to when this may occur. At Palette Station, our business has been on hold for the better part of 5 months since our art classes, camps, parties and on-campus programs were mandated to cease. During this time we've watched our rent and other business expenses continue, but have been unable to generate the revenue to pay for them. We made several attempts to renegotiate terms with our landlord (Kimco Realty), but they were uninterested and unwilling to do so.

So when the 3 year lease on our Tustin studio came up for renewal on July 31st, we elected to leave the Larwin Square location and buy ourselves some time to assess when we can safely and permanently resume our activities with you and your kids. It was a sad and difficult decision, but necessary for us to stop the bleeding and survive as a business in the long term.

Palette Station "the business entity" remains intact and we currently plan to restart in a new Tustin-area location (TBD) when the threat of the virus is behind us. While we don't yet know how this will unfold, we optimistically look forward to resuming our mission of quality art enrichment for kids.

May you and your families remain healthy, safe and strong. See you down the road.